Shipping & Returns

Generally speaking, all purchases of in-stock items will be dispatched next working day or at minimum within seven working days after the purchase is made. Any deviation from this policy will be posted on the front page of the website. As Armamentaria Limited is a two-person partnership, shipments may be delayed due to vacations or other unforeseen incidents. We will do our best to make any expected shipping delays known. Please allow 14 days for delivery.

International shipments (outside UK)

The shipping prices on the website are based on UK prices by weight of goods. International shipping will be more expensive and you will be asked to make further payment to cover the cost of shipping overseas.

Les chargements internationaux (à l'extérieur du Royaume-Uni)

Les prix de chargement sur le site Internet sont fondés sur les prix britanniques par le poids de marchandises. L'expédition internationale sera plus chère et on vous demandera de faire un paiement de plus pour couvrir le prix d'expédier à l'étranger.

Internationales Porto (außerhalb des Grose Britannia)

Die Porto-Preise auf der Website beruhen auf Preisen des Vereinigten Königreichs durch das Gewicht von Waren. Internationales Verschiffen wird teurer sein, und Sie werden gebeten, eine weitere Zahlung zu machen, um die Kosten zu bedecken, sich in Übersee einzuschiffen.

Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may either return your purchase within the first fourteen days after purchase for a full refund or exchange your purchase for another currently in-stock item. Obvious signs of usage or wear, alteration or any damage not expected with the shipping process will render this policy null and void.
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